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Edit enhanced search in DS board in PPDS

Nov 29, 2016 at 02:55 PM


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Hi Gurus,

We wanted to search in DS board considering setup group and process order.

How to update our selection in the enhanced search in DS board?

Please it will be really helpful if anyone can suggest.

Thanks & Regards,

Rajesh Kumar

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Yasmin Alayyan
Dec 15, 2016 at 04:38 PM

Hi Rajesh,

Unfortunately there is no function or BAdI to provide it by standard. Though you can make a modification if is needed.

I found some information about what can be done:

To add a criteria in the search, you may append one more value at the domain /SAPAPO/CDPS_SEARCH_CRITERIA (Package /SAPAPO/CDPS).

To create a fixed value append, proceed as follows according to SAP Knowledge Warehouse (

1. On the ABAP Dictionary initial screen (/SE11), enter then name of the domain to be enhanced (/SAPAPO/CDPS_SEARCH_CRITERIA).
2. Choose Display.
3. Choose Goto ® Fixed Value Append.
4. In the subsequent dialog box, enter the name of the fixed value append, provided no other appends have been created for the table. The name of the fixed value append must be in the customer namespace.
If appends were already created for the table, they are displayed in a list. Choose Display to open the dialog box for entering the name.
5. Enter a suitable short description.
6. Choose the Value Range tab and enter the additional fixed values.
You can display any existing fixed values of the domain by choosing Display Domain Values.
7. Save and activate the fixed value append. Fixed value appends are created in systems other than the original system of the domain and are assigned to a separate transport object.

After this, you will have to do modification to filter by this new field, it can be done on include /SAPAPO/LCDPS_PRESENTATIONF03, form / DIAGRAM_OBJECT_SEARCH. Here is the code:

CASE g_search_criteria.
WHEN '1'. "ordernumber
PERFORM order_find USING g_search_value.
WHEN '2'. "product-id
input = g_search_value
output = g_search_value
length_error = 1
PERFORM product_find USING g_search_value 'KEY'.
WHEN '3'. "product description
PERFORM product_find USING g_search_value 'TXT'.
WHEN '4'. "setup group
PERFORM setup_group_find USING g_search_value.
WHEN '5'. "setup key
PERFORM setup_key_find USING g_search_value.
WHEN OTHERS. ----------------------------------------> Here you might add one more "when" with the new condition

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