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Apr 19, 2010 at 09:39 PM

Linking process orders



I have scenario where my client want to link process orders which are used to make semi-finished products and finished products.

For example: If semi-finished product ( Which is they call as bulk ) is made with process order number 1234 and produced batch XYZ. The same batch XYZ should be used to make finished product.( Packaging) using process order 4567.

Or the process order number 1234 should be linked to the process order 4567. System should not look into the inventory of semi- finished products based on batch determination process ( FIFO, shelf life etc,..) issuing bulk to packaging material.

Bulk line -1 Bulk Line -2 Bulk Line -3

(Process Order 1) (Process order -3) (process order 05)

Packaging Line -1 Packaging line -2 Packaging line -3

(Process Order -2) (Process order -4) (Process order -06)

Output of process order 1 should go to process order 2

Output of process order 3 should go to process order 4

Output of process order 5 should go to process order 6

It is nice to have in process order -1 number in the process order -2. Similarly, process order 4 should have process order -3 and so on....

Typically there are around 100 - 150 process orders per day. So they don't want to do manually assign batch numbers. Please let me know if there is any way that we can map this. - Many thanks