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Apr 19, 2010 at 03:15 PM

Best practice followed on CONTRACT


Hello All

What are the best practice needs to be followed on changing the material data information ,

Step 1. created a contract for Material and PO released agains contract. later some times.

Step 2:- material master changes some important piece of data like order Unit/ Deletion or material group changes on MATERIAL.

step 3:- We do the same for the materials in the contract and deactivate the w.r.t line and create a new line item so that my new line item picks up from material master.


What are the other incidents material master team may do on material master so that i can inform the contract team to do the same.

What are the actions material master team may do on MATERIAL and which is relavant for contract that i can alert CONTRACT and MATERIAL master team. so that communication will be that every thing perfect and sync.