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WS_AAE adapter to cover all requirements


We are facing a web service scenario where the consuming side just launches a query.
On the receiving side, the first step is to made a connection and get the feedback.
In case the feedback is positive (connection can be made), the next step can be performed: do the query. The 3th step is to get the result. The 4th step is to disconnect. The only feedback the consuming party wants/needs is the query result.

Is the feasible? And can we use the WS_AAE adapter between our SAP PO 7.4 and the provider side?

Thanks a lot, Dimitri

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  • Hi Dimitri,

    I don't think this is feasible using WS_AAE adapter. We had similar requirement recently (where the sender system was synchronous request/response, and on the receiver system side, we had to make multiple sequential calls - like log in, execute query, log out). Unless you make use of specific 3rd party / custom receiver adapter that encapsulates required multiple calls (which WS_AAE adapter is not capable of doing), or the receiver system can provide a wrapper service that would encapsulate multiple calls and make functionality available for external consumption throughout a single incoming request, BPM is the most likely way to go.

    By the way, in that particular recent case, we had to develop BPM to fulfil this requirement. Technically this worked well, but we had to negotiate KPIs regarding feasible response times with the sender system (consumer) - having requirement to make communication truly synchronous (async/sync bridging with asynchronous request sent by the consumer, and asynchronous response containing query execution results and being sent back to the consumer in a separate session was not acceptable as per requirements) combined with introducing BPM for orchestration of calls to the receiver system had some impact on end-to-end execution time, which had to be taken into consideration.



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  • Posted on Dec 06, 2016 at 08:20 AM


    We will solve this using SAP BPM.

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