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Jan 09, 2019 at 08:34 AM

How to use XS Advanced HANA Analytics Adapter (xsahaa)


Hi Experts,

I'm new to XSA, now I have several hdi containers which have calc views inside, ex. sales-hdi, fin-hdi, product-hdi...

I would like to consume these calc views in Analysis for MS office (login as xsa application user)

how to achieve this?

I found a document Maintain the Analytics Adapter in XS Advanced seems describe the procedures, but still a little bit confused.

Does HANA analytics adapter provide a centralized endpoint to Analysis for office? end user only need to create a HANA connection to analytics adapter and then login using xsa application user account, then can access to xsa views(from sales-hdi, fin-hdi, product-hdi...)?

Or should I include analytics adapter war file in my every xsa application(sales, fin, product..), then end user should create different HANA connection to every xsa application's analytics adapter in Analysis for Office?

Kindly advise, thanks in advanced.