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Apr 19, 2010 at 08:51 AM

the question about the HA installation on ECC6.0


Hi Experts,

We are about to implement a project with HA environment on the ECC6.0 in the near future, which is just about the ABAP stack. After reading the Installating Guide, I stil have several questions related to the procedures of HA installation.

In the guide document, I got the following steps to process for realizing the HA of ECC6.0:

1. Run SAPinst to install the central services instance (ASCS) using the virtual host name on the primary cluster node, host A.

2. Prepare the standby node, host B, making sure that it meets the hardware and software requirements and it has all the necessary file systems, mount points, and (if required) Network File System (NFS), as described in Preparing for Switchover .

3. Set up the user environment on the standby node, host B. For more information, see Creating Operating System Users and Groups Manually. Make sure thatyou use the same user and group IDs as on the primary node. Create the home directories of users and copy all files from the home directory of the primary node.

4. Configure the switchover software and test that switchover functions correctly.

5. Install the database instance on the primary node, host A.

6. Install the central instance with SAPinst on the primary node, host A.

7.If required, install additional dialog instances with SAPinst to replicate the SAP system services that are not a SPOF. These nodes do not need to be part of the cluster.

My Question is that does standby node(host B in above context) need to install the ASCS, database instance and Central Instance?

If host B does not need to install the database instance, how about the whole system would be when the primary cluster node (Host A in above context) totally crash, such as power failure.