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Jan 08, 2019 at 09:42 PM

SAP DS and BW how to work with them together?


Hi All,

I'm working in a company that has been acquired recently SAP Data Service. This company also have BW with so many infocubes constructed that provides information to reports via analyzer.

The SAP DS was purchased to make the integration between all company systems, not only SAP.

We are a little bit I confused how SAP DS and BW can work together. Their are complementary products or can I substitute the BW by SAP DS?

Generally are they used together or the companies only use one of them?

Is it possible connect DS to our BW infocubes? We think if were necessary to rebuild info cubes inside SAP DS we would have so much work, because DS seems work directly with SAP tables and not info cubes.

Could someone please clarify for me how the best way to work with those products?

Thanks a lot for any help provided.

Best Regards,