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Delivery and allocation report

Dear All,

1. How can I get sales order dump from the system? (any specific t codes)

2. How can I get delivery report dump which is created in the system ( The whole dump)? ( any spefic t codes)

3. How can I get allocation report dump from the system?

4. How can i get invoice dump from the system?

Works in a typical FMCG industry where Sales order is in SAP and a delivery is created then an allocation is created and finally an invoice is created



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  • Please put some efforts to search in SCN or Google before posting such queries as it has been answered many times here. Even after searching, if you find any difficulty in identifying the related transactions, update here

  • +1 to Lakshmipathi's comment. Standard reports are well documented and visible from the SAP menu. If you need to get data directly from the tables then table names are known as well. All this information can be found on Google with minimum effort.

    Obviously don't use "dump" keyword as it's not a proper term (and usually means something else in SAP), search for "sales order report" and such. If there is a specific issue then post an update on what difficulty you're facing exactly.

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