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Apr 16, 2010 at 08:37 PM

Multiple CMC and Report problems


Hello all,

I've got problems and I'm not sure if they are related. I've got reports that I developed in Crystal Reports XI. I just installed Crystal Server 2008 on our development machine. I published a report (lets call it r1) and logged on to InfoView as the end user to test it. On refresh, an error was given, log on info incorrect or incomplete. After much research I made a small test report to see what would happen, and it worked fine. I saved r1 under a different filename and changed the database connection, published, and it worked on refresh.

I don't know what's going on, but another report (lets call it r2) I've tried to do that way simply won't work. It will open as it was saved and published. I've tried to match the permissions to r1, everything looks the same, but it won't refresh. I finally decided to just run the reports overnight after the data load, and r1 shows success, but r2 failed with the incomplete or incorrect logon credentials. Looking at r1 in InfoView shows it as it was yesterday, instead of how it is supposed to be today. Clicking refresh gave today's data, but it's supposed to do that without refreshing. r2 wouldn't even load, clicking it had no effect.

I've been struggling with this all week, changing permissions all over the place, changing data sources in the designer, so many things. I've been trying the repository route this afternoon, but trying to save a file to it gives invalid file handle errors.

So the designer is on Vista, the server is on Server 2003, hooking up to SQL Server 2000, using OLE DB. Tried ODBC, couldn't even connect in designer. Tried to make a universe, but I don't know anything about how to use it if I were to get it going. Double clicked on that in the data source window in the designer, but the window that popped up had nothing to choose, so I had no chance to figure it out.

I'm sorry if I sound a little scattered, it's been a very frustrating week. Let me know what other info you need, and thank you for reading my plea for help. 😊