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Jan 10, 2019 at 06:04 AM

SAP User Authentication through Angular + oDATA



We are developing a web based app with Angular using HTML. In this process user should login using the web based screen (HTML) which should be authenticated in the SAP user database (USR02). The oDATA service which is developed is working fine and when we enter the URL, it displays the username/password pop-up and when entered, it is getting authenticated without any issues. However, I am not sure how to:

1. Maintain the service user ID details in my Angular script.(To call the oData service)

2. Pass the username and password to the authenticate the user (which are entered in our login page)

We are using SAP ECC EHP8.

Can someone shed some light on how to configure the authentication process when calling the back end ODATA service?

Thanks in advance!