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Stock Transport Purchase Order - Non-invoice Conditions validated

Here's what I'm trying to do:

When a Stock Transport Order is created, there might be an associated freight condition with it. This freight is for our own trucks so it will not be charged in an invoice. However, we are keeping track of it.

There are times when people put too much freight dollars in our system. And as you can guess this throws everything off.

We have a solution for invoice related conditions using EXIT_SAPLKONT_002. This worked well combined with our configuration for tolerance. That won't work for our non-invoice conditions. I have some ideas of custom code, but nothing comes to mind around configuration. Any ideas?

My thought is to use ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST pull in the conditions and write my own check. Just trying to avoid that.

We are on 1709 S/4 Hana on premise. So the custom code can be added without any issues.

Thank you for replying! I appreciate your time.


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