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Jan 08, 2019 at 05:56 PM

Erratic picking of incorrect exchange rate date


We are based out of US and we have companies in AUS. Local currency for AUS invoices is AUD and Document currency is USD. The exchange rates are regularly maintained in table TCURR using OBO8 for exchange type M (

Standard translation at average rate).

Lately we are having a weird issues where the system picks the previous date entry during invoicing. In copy control we have the exchange rate determination set as D ( Pricing Date) and some times ( there is no consistency ) it picks a exchange rate previous to the pricing date from TCURR table. Upon reversing and re-invoicing with the same dates it tends to pick the correct exchange rate.

We are unable to replicate the issue in our test system to debug the issue and the issues goes away on reversal and re-invoicing.

I have checked the users time zone and user parameters and nothing seems to stand out. Any feedback is appreciated.