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Apr 16, 2010 at 09:52 AM

BW Query: Parameters not used. Upgade to SP 2 and hot fix 2.6 didnt help.



I want to create a Crystal Report based on a BW Query which has 2 input parameters/filters for years and months.

1. I started with CR2008 SP1 plus SAP Integration Kit (the latest "basic" downloads available in, so no patches first).

I tried two things:

a) CR 2008-> SAP->Settings->"MDX" check box NOT checked


Negative: In the field explorer, not all dimensions are displayed.

Positive: If I select refresh report and select "2009" and "Feb,Mar" in the parameters form, only these data sets are displayed in the report.

b) CR 2008-> SAP->Settings->"MDX" check box checked (which is done in the tutorials)


Positive: In the filed explorer, all dimensions are shown.

Negative: If I select refresh report and "2009" and "Feb,Mar" in the parameters form, nevertheless, all data from 2009 plus 2010 is returned. No matter which parameters are selected, always std. 2009 and 2010 is returned.

2. I upgraded Crystal reports to CR2008 SP2, then Fixpack 2.6. I upgraded SAP Integration Kit to SP2, then Fixpack 2.6.

a) MDX checkbox not checked.

Already DB error when I try to "connect" to the Query.

b) MDX checkbox checked.

Behaviour: In the field explorer, I still see the query name, but I cant expend it. So I am not even able to see the dimensions.

So not possible to build a report bc. I cant even drag and drop measures.


Most important one : How to solve this issue (The goal is: MDX box checked, all dimensions displayed, the paramters the user inputs are actually used. 😉 )

Are there any relationships between BW NW Version (Service Pack etc.) where the Query is build and Crystal reports and Integration Kit for SAP (I read from manuals that e.g. BOBJ Server components and client components should have same SP AND Hot Fix Versions - similar here)? E.g. do I have to take care not to use a "too high" service pack/hotfix for CR?

Thanks for your help!

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