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Apr 16, 2010 at 09:37 AM

CIF errors due to material status


Hi All,

We are having lot of CIF errors due to material status "40" in CIF, which restrict creation of P.reqs and PO at source location.

Eg:- LOC1 is a manufacturing location and LOC2 is a Distribution centre. A new Product A introduced at both location, having status status "40" at both the location.

When APO creates P.Reqs with source as LOC1 and Destination as LOC2 for this product, these p.reqs get stuck in CIF queue, as plant specific status "40" doesn't allow creation of P.Reqs at LOC1 in ECC.

We thought of creating a new status "Z1", which would allow the creation of P.Reqs and PO. But the requirement was to allow only creation of P.Reqs and not PO. But in the config setting in ECC for material status there is common setting for P.Reqs and PO and cannot be differentiated.

Have anybody come across such problem and whats the way to address this issue.

Thanks & Regards