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Former Member
Apr 15, 2010 at 10:25 PM

First page summary


Hello all:

I wonder if it's possible in CR to have a summary of all groups on the first page.

Something like this:

    Page 1: (Report Header)
        Group A:   15.00
        Group B:   20.00
        Total:     35.00
    Page 2:
        Group A
            Detail 1:   5.00
            Detail 2:  10.00
        Group A Total: 15.00
        Group B
            Detail 1:   3.00
            Detail 2:  10.00
            Detail 3:   7.00
        Group B Total: 20.00
    Page 3:

I tried using Running Totals, but I only get "5.00" in the field on the first page, relating to the first detail line.

I also tried a Formula field using Sum(Amount, Group1), but I only get 15.00 referring to the first group total...

So... any ideas on how to do this (without inserting a subreport!)?