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Apr 15, 2010 at 04:55 PM

Interactive Form with ABAP DDIC Interface



I'm new on adobe interactive forms and I have some problems. I have a form with a abap dictionary based interface.

When I test my web dynpro application with the interactive form, it is not interactive. :-P

And yes the property "enabled" of the UI-Element is marked.

First I watched an e-Learning an build a web dynpro application with a from which has a interface based on xml.

I generated the inteface of the form from my context. It works fine.

But with a interface based on xml I dont't know how I can get a table on my PDF in the Adobe Lifecycle Designer.

So I searched snd n the forum and found a tutorial (InteractiveForm_and_Dynamic_Tables). Like in this tutorial I created a interface based on ABAP Dictionary and a form with a table. Then I choose this form on my UI-Element as templateSource and generate the context from the interface. But as i mentioned above, now the PDF isn't interactive.

Any idea?

Thx Florian

PS: when someone can tell/help me in german it would be much easier for me to understand... 😊