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Apr 15, 2010 at 06:59 AM

Is it me?


Dear fellow consultants,

I would like to ask you about your opinion. I have asked a question under BO. The thread is here:

I wonder if that is only my feeling or anybody can understand me when I think Mr. Ingo Hilgefort is not being quite helpful.

Is it my problem to expect more than a single sentence with no real content?

Is it my problem to think it would take him like 5 seconds to provide any link (he did not provide a single one !!!), he probably use that every day.

Is it my problem to think that it is not a real help (i mean SDN standard, or maybe it is only a standard of some people?) when somebody point you to the paid content? (BTW: He didn´t ptovide any link again).

Is it my problem to think he has to drop a word or two to take a part in the discussion but for nothing more?

Am I doing anything wrong? I have searched, provided all information I gathered, ask a reasonable question (I do think so)...

Please tell me your opinions,

regards Otto