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Jan 04, 2019 at 02:16 PM

Flexible Workflow event error


Hi everybody,

I need some help. I active flexible workflow "Automatic release of purchase order".

When I create a purchase order, the workflow status is "Automatic approval in process" but purchase order never release.

I did a event trace and this is the log.

Detail for 1st exception

Detail for 2nd exception

Detail for "Feedback after error"

Please I need advice.


captura-1.png (19.9 kB)
captura-2.png (9.4 kB)
captura-3.png (20.5 kB)
captura-4.png (6.0 kB)
captura-5.png (7.4 kB)
captura-6.png (6.4 kB)
captura-7.png (8.6 kB)
captura-8.png (6.2 kB)
captura-9.png (9.8 kB)