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Former Member
Apr 14, 2010 at 10:53 PM

Park N Go in Excel 2007 does not work for EVCVW() and EVPRO()


Dear all:

HUGE problem has occurred after we migrated to Office 2007. I have noticed for that EVGTS and EVSND reports utilizing EVCVW and EVPRO in the control panel, the Park N Go function does not work for Excel 2007. Therefore, EVGTS and EVSND numbers can not be retrieved if the functions have cells reference to EVCVW() and EVPRO().

The workaround is to copy and paste-value to the control panel so all the EVCVW and EVPRO functions become pure text. But that creates additional work for end users.

Has anyone experienced this, and what is the solution?

Thank you!