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Former Member
Apr 14, 2010 at 07:48 PM

ALV grid with 2 changable columns - need to update a non changable column


I have an ALV Grid that has 2 columns that are editable (this works fine). These two add to the total column which is not editable. I need the total column to get updated when these two are changed. (I have a pushbutton for the user to hit after the changes are made so it can go through the code).

I have check in debug mode and my internal table is getting changed. Even until the container is check to see if it is build, the value is correct, however, once it goes into CALL METHOD GR_GRID->REFRESH_TABLE_DISPLAY, the old total comes up. The new data in the two changable fields are there and correct. I have tried deleting the container but that had not affect on the issue.

I have tried freeing my table and repopulating it, calling the screen again (after setting screen to zero). It seems the container has some sort of memory or buffer that it is getting the data from.

Any ideas how to make it think it is a new 1st time display?

Thank you in advance.