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Apr 14, 2010 at 06:10 PM

Object Properties - Binding - None/ Normal


Hello All,

I was wondering whats the difference between - Binding types None and Normal in the Object palette.

I was facing a peculiar issue of some users not been able to view some fields values on the form. These fields (though filled out) appear as blank for those users. I initially thought it could have been a adobe reader version issue but apparently not.

Now I have narrowed down to the fact that all the fields that are coming up as blank for those users have been giving a binding - NONE. The other fields were are binding to some context field, are coming up with their respective value.

So I am wondering if I should change the binding of these fields to Normal. However before that, if anyone can give me a clear distinction between the Normal and None binding, it would be of great help!

Thanks in advance,

Kind regards, Liz