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Apr 14, 2010 at 03:04 PM

MS Word in WD


Dear sirs,

I would like to ask you about the options of MS Word integration into a WD.

I have searched before asking, of course but have not found any options list any direct list of steps or something like that. I am aware there is a Office container or something but would like to get the whole picture.

When I need to flush some content into a MS Word, how can I do that?

a) can i use OLE throught WD? I think not, is that so?

b) when I create a Word as a XML file (you know that XML approach, right?), how can I return this "text" into a WD so the web browser appears if I want to open the file od save to drive (open, save, cancel dialog).

c) anything important left? Some direct WD + Office API to create a document from scratch? to create a document based on some template (like OAOR or something)?

Lets say I have a template which I can fill with data through ABAP and want to display the file. Next I expect the user will add some content. How can I return the result file back to the backend? I would like to save the file into the CS/ GOS or something.

I know how can I create the whole scenario with Adobe Forms, but the users just MUST have it done in Word. I hope anybody who knows adobe forms can understand my problem? (I can generate the PDF, use GETPDF and then send the binary data into a WD to display that, I need the same for Word... and back I can get the filled file from WD as a binary data and save it to GOS, same for Word needed).

Thank you all for your time and effort,

regards Otto