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Jan 03, 2019 at 07:38 AM

Unable to Clear Documents in F-03 even though same amount in local curr


Hi all ,

We have two documents for clearing , which have the same amount in the local cur. EUR . However the document currency for the first document is EUR and the document currency for the second document is USD .

For the relevant G/L account , the only balances in local currency fields is unchecked . Now we try to do the clearing in F-03 , selecting the above two documents . Now the second document which has the document currency as USD , is revaluation the EUR amount based on the exchange rate of today , and is giving a different EUR amount in F-03 , because of which we are unable to clear the two documents ( though they have same amount in local currency ) .

As an alternative , we went to the G/L master and tried to change the " Only balances in local crcy " field , but we get an error message that " changing the balances in local currency not possible , acct has a balance " .

How can we clear these two documetns , and we also want to check the " only balances in local crcy " indicator in the G/L master . Thanks .