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Jan 08, 2019 at 02:53 PM

Multiple account assignment in service PO


Hi all,

I have below scenario regarding some expenses-

1)Create Service PO-********** with full amount for vendor X

2)Create Service entry sheet-**********

3)Post service acceptance document-*********/2018-

Accounting entries are as below- Expense G/L- -Debit and Gr/IR -credit

4)Post Invoice Receipt -*************** for vendor X

Accounting document-Gr/IR-Debit AND Vendor account- credit.

As a part of policy 10 % of above amount should be borne by employee so user is posting manual entry using FB65 to debit the employee-( another Vendor Y)

1)Accounting document-Expense G/L-Credit and Vendor- Debit.

Now to avoid the additional manual entry (10%) of employee vendor, how should we distribute and debit the total amount in single service purchase order (created for vendor X) as 90% from Expense G/L-(related-cost center) and 10 % from Vendor account Y