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Apr 14, 2010 at 07:34 AM

J2ee Stack not comming up after configuring RAC



We have installed High availability system in HP Unix box IA64 with

Oracle 10g database with virtual host name and ip for usage type PI7.0

ABAP+JAVA dual stack. System was up and running successfully after the


We configure RAC Real time Application Cluster for our PI production system. After converting single instance database

to RAC database, JAVA Stack is not comming up but ABAP stack is working fine.

DB is connecting thro OS by checking the command ps -ef | grep -i smon, ps -ef | grep -i pmon, and R3trans value 0000. But Configtool unable to connect. We checked in secure store for the value of the below parmeters

jdbc/pool/MIP/usr value is SAPR3DB


values are correct. values are correct.

since it is a RAC we dont the know value for jdbc/pool/MIP/url

Please let know us know whether it is work for me





Note: sapxic023 is node A host name, spxid019 is node B. Since we have three SERVICE_NAME in tnsnames.ora file, so tell us which name we need to mention for SERVICE_NAME ?

1) MIP01.World 2)MIP02.World 3) MIP.World