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I would like to what are the circumstances doc tab table entries not wiped out.

this is for my research to findout when and why docuemnt tables are not wiped by clean job.

so that i can more reasons for my research / analysis.

Requirement clear:- you can do any thing object but clean job should not clear the docuemnt table.

any BO is welcome SC, PO,Contract,BI and BID etc...

intention is that what are the actions on BO, the docuemnt tab should not cleared by clean jobs.


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2 Answers

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    Posted on Apr 14, 2010 at 10:17 AM

    Hi Muthu,

    The BBP_DOCUMENT_TAB table gets updated for any failures in the distribution / transfer of business documents to backend ECC system via IDOC.

    This table would not be populated for any distribution / transfer failures using RFC as far as i know.

    I have seen this table gets populated for mainly confirmations distribution / transfer failure of material P.O items to backend ECC system as Service confirmations get transferred to backend via RFC.

    This entry will not be cleared by job CLEAN_REQREQ_UP.

    And no further confirmation can be posted against that P.O until the entry is cleared from BBP_DOCUMENT_TAB table.

    This entry can be removed using FM BBP_DELETE_FROM_DOCUMENT_TAB.

    Hope the above mentioned views and observations help you in your research and do share your research findings to furtehr augment our understanding on this topic.



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  • author's profile photo Former Member
    Former Member
    Posted on Apr 14, 2010 at 01:10 AM


    BBP_DOCUMENT_TAB entries are deleted after successful execution of that entry in CLEAN_REQREQ_UP job.

    For example, lets say we create a GOA in SRM and release it for distribution to backend. This process creates an entry in BBP_DOCUMENT_TAB. Lets say the BLAORD IDOC failed to process in ECC.

    When the CLEAN_REQREQ_UP job runs, for this GOA, it makes a call to ECC to check if the contract creation was successful. Since it failed, this job writes an entry to Contract monitor and RETAINS the BBP_DOCUMENT_TAB entry.

    If the GOA distribution was successful, the BBP_DOCUMENT_TAB entry would have got deleted.


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    • yes. SG you are correct.Thanks very much. good stuff.

      Any events leading to the failure ..

      (1) contract queue pushes to IDOC however fails something in the backend some unwanted data are there in the queue or some thing happened.

      plz explain more.

      these happens for cockpit PO - classic scenario too

      whta are the incidents PO not wiped out which are created by buyer from cockpit.

      (2) PO created by bapi po create FM loading failur.. give me 1-2 incidents.TR error

      BUS2012 11111117612 000000002000000000000000000000 SUPBOX400 TR 2010.01.16 12:02:24

      BUS2121001䢙龔欮㴗#踊ᕦ ######## 01####################### 48999F8B6B2E3D17E10000008E0A1566

      11111117612 - is a PO number.

      not all times. what could be failure of loading failure here?

      in this time- i never get an error from cockpit. All POs are created successufully.

      green light PO XXXX created successfuly in the backend system but there are some incidents clean table dont wipe them.

      (3) some times confirmations IM error

      I am mainly looking for cocpit PO entries in the doc table.