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Former Member
Apr 13, 2010 at 05:04 PM

Changing datasources


Hi Team,

I have a wierd issue. I have reports with multiple groups. In all the reports, one of the groups is a formula for dynamic sorting based on the user input.

So far, everything works fine. Now, the issue is as below.

1. I've ran the report from Crystal Reports 2008 against DataSource1

2. I publish this report to BO server and configure Database credentials to point to DataSource2

3. When the report in scheduled from Infoview, the report fails with the error Invalid Group condition

4. If I remove the group for dynamic sorting, the report runs fine even when I switch from DataSource to other

5. One more observation is if I remove all other groups and have only the group for dynamic sorting, even then the report runs fine

The report fails only with the combination of dynamic sorting formula combined with groups in DB fields.

Please do give your valuable thoughts to get this fixed.