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Apr 13, 2010 at 02:55 PM

Lean WM and WM


Hi, Iam an SD consultant and now trying to learn the basics of WM. I have started with LWM but I have few questions as follows

1) IN LWM, the material is in fixed storage location as I have read in the help file. Iam not able to understand this statement ? COuld any one pls clarify ? does this means there will be only one storage bin (let's say 1) in material master in LWM.

2) A storage location can have any number of warehouse. The same material for example A l can be stored in different warehouses. Now if the same material A is stored in different storage bins in different warehouses, then I think this situation cannot be represented by a LWM ? is this right ?

let us assume that in material master, in the "plant/ storage1" tab, the storage bin 1 is mentioned. That means the material is available in storage bin 1 only. What if the material is stored in various bins and then how can they be represented in the material master? can this situation be representated in Matrial master and if yes how can we indicate different storage bins in the master in LWM or does this kind of situation needs no storage bin in material master and the bins will be determined dynamically in WM ?