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Apr 13, 2010 at 12:47 PM

Using 3rd party jars in Portal development using SAP Component Model


I am using the SAP Component Model to develop a portal application that makes uses of 3rd party apis such as Spring and Hibernate.

I have found info in these forums and elsewhere that are a few years old that indicate an approach as follows:

- create an External Library DC and put jars in this project

- for external library DC create two public parts - 1 for compilation and 1 for assembly (deploy).

- create J2EE Server Component - Library DC and add "Assembly" public part of External Library as a Used DC

- Build and deploy.

I am having trouble to get this to work. The build results of the J2EE Sever Component does not contain any jars.


- Where can I find "newer" accurate recipe of how to include 3rd party jars and have it work at runtime.

- I used the Portal DC as entry point but also have various Java DCs that also need to reference the 3rd party apis.

- Is there a concern that the same 3rd party jars can be deployed to runtime by different projects and therefore exist > 1 on runtime and cause any class loading issues?