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Creatin Generic DataSource

Hi Experts,

I ned to create a Generic DataSource for MM Module, I used RSO2 T-code for creating this. when i click the generic Delta button in the Delta spedific tab i given the field name and seleted the TimeStamp and in the setting tab and for upper limit i given 00:00:00 and lowe limit i given 24:00:00..

when i checked in RSA6 generic datasource what i created is available there and i executed using RSA3 and 1000 records are available.

when i created the infocube using this datasource by creating transformation,infopackage,DTP . when i executing the cube by display data the cube doesnt contain any data?

can any one suggest me to solve this problem, is it necessary to activae the cube in R3, i didnt found any where to activate i activated in the BI only..

is it compulsory to give the upper limit and lower limit values?



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4 Answers

  • Apr 13, 2010 at 08:28 AM

    did you load the data....can you see the request in manage screen of the Cube how many records being added ???

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    Apr 13, 2010 at 10:51 AM


    Is it compulsory to give the upper limit and lower limit values?

    Ans : This is where the detla mech. will depend on these field and press F1 you may get to know little more in details(in RS02).

    Also i guess your cube is already loaded so try creating a new doc in R/3 and then do a load..

    it should fetch data in the next run if it falls out side the limit...

    waiting for your feedback,


    Nitin Bhatia

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    • Former Member Former Member



      1. Transact RFC Error u2013 Non Updated IDOCs in the Source System.

      Why does the error occurs ?

      u2022 tRFC u2013 Transact Remote Function Call Error, occurs whenever LUWu2019s (Logical Unit of Worku2019s) are not transferred from the source system to the destination system.

      What happens when this error occurs ?

      u2022 Message appears in the bottom of the u201CStatusu201D tab in RSMO. The error message would appear like u201CtRFC Error in Source Systemu201D or u201CtRFC Error in Data Warehouseu201D or simply u201CtRFC Erroru201D depending on the system from where data is being extracted.

      u2022 Sometimes IDOC are also stuck on R/3 side as there were no processors available to process them.

      What can be the possible actions to be carried out ?

      u2022 Once this error is encountered, we could try to Click a complete Refresh u201CF6u201D in RSMO, and check if the LUWu2019s get cleared manually by the system.

      u2022 If after u201Ccoupleu201D of Refresh, the error is as it is, then follow the below steps quickly as it may happen that the load may fail with a short dump.

      u2022 Go to the menu Environment -> Transact. RFC -> In the Source System, from RSMO. It asks to login into the source system.

      u2022 Once logged in, it will give a selection screen with u201CDateu201D, u201CUser Nameu201D, TRFC options.

      u2022 On execution with u201CF8u201D it will give the list of all Stuck LUWu2019s. The u201CStatus Textu201D will appear Red for the Stuck LUWu2019s which are not getting processed. And the u201CTarget Systemu201D for those LUWs should be u201CWP1CL015u201D, thatu2019s the Bose BW Production system. Do not execute any other IDOC which is not related have the u201CTarget Systemu201D as u201CWP1CL015u201D.

      u2022 Right Click and u201CExecuteu201D or u201CF6u201D after selection, those LUWu2019s which are identified properly. So that they get cleared, and the load on BW side gets completed successfully.

      u2022 When IDocs are stuck go to R/3, use Tcode BD87 and expand u2018IDOC in inbound Processingu2019 tab for IDOC Status type as 64 (IDoc ready to be transferred to application). Keep the cursor on the error message (pertaining to IDOC type RSRQST only) and click Process tab (F8) . This will push any stuck Idoc on R/3.

      u2022 Monitor the load for successful completion, and complete the further loads if any in the Process Chain.


  • Apr 13, 2010 at 03:49 PM

    check sm58 in BW system If you see any packets under your username, push it manually by F6.

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    Apr 13, 2010 at 09:54 PM


    Are u talking about Safety Upper limit and lower limit. Here u should not be giving 00:00:00 or 24:00:00.

    Instead u can give the time upto which u want the records to be pulled.

    Also did u run the Init Infopackage.Only if u run the Init Infopackage timestamp will be set for delta. U can even do a Init without data transfer if u already have data.



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    • Former Member


      Please check again the RSA3 transaction in ECC.

      Generally it is not required to activate generic datasource using RSA6.

      Now do the full repair on BI side and make sure to delete the initialization using Schedular --> Initialization option for source system --> select init and delete it.

      Then run the full load infopackage to load the data.

      Check data in the PSA, compare with RSA3 data.

      Hope this ll be useful.

      Revert back if any problem.