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Former Member
Apr 13, 2010 at 08:13 AM

Creatin Generic DataSource


Hi Experts,

I ned to create a Generic DataSource for MM Module, I used RSO2 T-code for creating this. when i click the generic Delta button in the Delta spedific tab i given the field name and seleted the TimeStamp and in the setting tab and for upper limit i given 00:00:00 and lowe limit i given 24:00:00..

when i checked in RSA6 generic datasource what i created is available there and i executed using RSA3 and 1000 records are available.

when i created the infocube using this datasource by creating transformation,infopackage,DTP . when i executing the cube by display data the cube doesnt contain any data?

can any one suggest me to solve this problem, is it necessary to activae the cube in R3, i didnt found any where to activate i activated in the BI only..

is it compulsory to give the upper limit and lower limit values?