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Jan 04, 2019 at 08:14 AM

Strategy sequence in Valuation Variant for Sub Contracting Material


Hi all ,

Requirement has come from business that processing charges for subcontracted material should pick up the latest Purchasing info price in Ck11N.

In strategy sequence in subcontracting tab I have changed the sequence to below as no option was coming to pick the price from purchasing info record in valuation variant.

1) 3 Net Quotation price

2) 9 Effective price from purchase order

3) 7 Net purchase order price

System is picking the purchasing info price for processing charges but if two purchasing info record exists then it does not pick the latest Purchasing info record price in CK11N . So what option do I need select so that system picks up the latest purchasing info price for processing charges of subcontracted material in CK11N.