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Apr 12, 2010 at 10:32 PM

Cannot Change Database Location in Crystal Reports 2008


My problem is that I appear to be unable to change Database Locations. I have used Crystal for number of years u2026 had a little break for the last 2 yearsu2026 so maybe a little rusty

I am working with SQL DB, I have created ODBC connections.

When I change the database location via u201CSet datasource Locationu201D it does not seem to register with the Report

I have DB-A as the current DB

In the Data Source Locationu201D Select Replace u2026a new Connection (or My Connection) add DB-B, select update, it refreshes the Current Data Source, looks right. I check the properties and the database associated with the ODBC is the one I want. I either run the report or Field Explorer and do not see the updated content.

The DBs are the same tables, but different data (ie location A and Location B). I have double/tripled check that the DBs do indeed contain different data

I have tried verifying the Databaseu2026still no luck

I look at the u201CShow SQL Queryu201D still has the old DB Connection string

I have tried this on 5 reports. One did change OK, for a while then I saved it and it does not update now

I have tried 4 different databases

I have deleted the ODBC connections, so the report prompts for a new Database, still not reading it correctly u2026. Something odd

I have tried every possible sequence of keys stokes within the u201CSet Datasource Locationu201D and u201CLog off / Log On Serveru201D.

I have even tried changing the DB in the ODBC set-up and used the same name ODBC still not luck

I am using Windows 7, SQL Server 64, Crystal Reports 2008 Version