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Apr 12, 2010 at 09:56 PM

CRM2007 - WEB-IC Screen Pop up is not happening with BP GUID


Our CTI Vendor is Siemens. We have CRM2007 web IC implemented. CTI is sending the CAD data successfully to SAP but the screen popup is not happening on the WEBIC.

When the call comes in Siemens agent desktop pops up with call data and the WEB-IC gets the ANI info automatically and the ACCEPT button is flickering. However, we get a error message "NO ACCOUNT FOUND" on the WEBIC screen. No screen pop happening on the WEB-IC. ICI trace shows that CTI is sending the BP_GUID via CAD. Please find the ICI trace file as below. ANI is working fine and the screen popup happens on the WEBIC if the Telephone number exist on the BP with this format only +18503334444. Most of our BPs do not have the Telephone numbers. We want the WEBIC screen pop to work based on BPGUID.

We are trying to send just one CAD element via SOAP-XML as per SAP suggestion "Customer Contact" but it is not working. Please help. If you know please let us know all CAD config on the WEBIC side and the XML tags on the CTI side would be great.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

-" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xs="">

- <SOAP-ENV:Header>

<user xmlns="urn:IciEventInterface">MURTHYK</user>

<language xmlns="urn:IciEventInterface">EN</language>


- <SOAP-ENV:Body>

- <ns1:phoneCallChanged xmlns:ns1="urn:IciEventInterface">

- <appIds>



- <phoneCall>



- <processingStatus>




- <remoteNumbers>




- <callStatus>




<capabilityList />



<attachedData><?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><ItemAttachedData><Application id="SIEMENS_CAD"><MAINPARTNERGUID>466402786584752AE1000000CC597517</MAINPARTNERGUID></Application></ItemAttachedData></attachedData>

<trunkId />





Thank you in advance.


Krishna Murthy.