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Apr 12, 2010 at 07:48 PM

Master data idoc changes, period end vs. paydate


Our hourly teammates are paid 1 week following payroll period end. The hourly teammates are on a bi-weekly payroll period cycle, Sat-following Friday with the pay date = to 1 week following payroll period end. The problem arises with our benefit deductions. Example is follows:

Medical benefits start on 1st day of month, for example teammate's benefits start on Feb 1, 2010. The payroll period for the teammate ended on Jan 29, 2010 with a pay date of Feb 5, 2010.. The master data idoc for payroll period ending Jan 29, 2010 does not pick up the benefits addition effective Feb 1 so no benefits deduction is taken out on the Feb 5 paycheck. The benefits addition is picked up on the pay period ending Feb 12, 2010 and the deduction occurs on the Feb 19 paycheck. The next paycheck is Mar 5 so the teammate only had 1 benefits deduction on their Feb pay checks.

Is there anyway to include changes through paydate on master data idocs even though the change occurs between payroll period end date and pay date?