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Apr 12, 2010 at 05:38 PM

Script logic *DESTINATION_APP and Time Dimension remapping


I have two applications that don't share the time dimension. Source has a daily time structure and Destination has months as base level members.

I need to move data from one to another and in order to do the mapping I have a property on daily time dimension that maps each base level member (a day) to a base level member on monthly time dimension. Part of the logic is below:




*IS *


This kind of mapping always worked for me except it is the first time I need to remap a time dimension. Logic validates correctly but it doesn't run as it can't move beyond the SQL step that collects data from the destination area. It complains about time dimension invalid members.

To double check I don't have a installation issue I did the same kind of mapping with other pair of dimensions and hard coding the destination time dimension member:






*IS *


This works. I wonder if BPC is failing because at the DB level it deals with TIMEIDs in the fact table.

So question is: Has anybody else faced this kind of limitation with *DESTINATION_APP? If so how did you solve it?