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Apr 12, 2010 at 01:38 PM

IBM4247 SAP Printing.


Hello experts,

We have IBM 4247 Printer Emulation mode set to 4247 and all other settings in printer is default.

Our Character set is 1145 Printer IBM4232 IBM 2 & OCR-A Turkish Language is supported.

Using line printer driver II.

We have 8 inch paper for print and our Printer settings in emulation ZIBM4247 is;


  1. reset


  1. select codepage multilingual 850


  1. select 6 LPI


  1. set page length 48 (=$30 hex) lines and set TOF at current pos.


  1. set line spacing 6 LPI


  1. cancel bottom margin


  1. set left margin to 0


  1. set print quality: Fast Draft

  2. (will be overwritten by SFxxx printcontrols that select fonts)


  1. select IBM character set 2




With this settings we are printing correctly but sliding occurs as we print more than one pages.

Could you please share experience with this printer type.