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Apr 12, 2010 at 12:33 PM

Creation of Production order in Past dates using RFC


Hi all,

I am using RFC to Create a production order based on the datas available from MES systems.Here the process flow is From MES system datas are passed to interface in file format then from interface will calll the RFC so that the RFC will do the function of Creating the Production order & release in SAP.

Here i face an issue that i have 3 shifts at the end of every shift i have to tranfer the datas from MES to SAP .Which means i have to create 3 Production orders for a day.My issue here is the third shift datas will be availble for me in the next day morning after that only i am able to transfer theses datas to SAP.In this case i want the SAP to create th Production order for third shift in the Previous day time.

Ashift - 7AM t0 3PM

BShift-3PM to 11PM

CShift-11 PM to Next day morning 7 AM

I need SAP to create Production order for Shift C on 11 PM of the Previous day when i transfer it on next day morning 7AM.

Is this possible.

Thanks in Advance,