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Jan 02, 2019 at 03:36 PM

Search Help Parameter-field assignments


Hi SAP Community,

I'm working on a very specific custom development where I have to enrich an existing custom Search Help called "ZPDPO_SHLP_COMMERCIAL".

I added the Search Help Param. DOC_TYPE in IMPORT with Data Element ESART.

Next, I have to go on structure "/EBY/PDPO_SHDR_IF" and perform "activate stick" to make an update for my development.

This action make changes in table DD36S. Before modifications, I have four entries where I can find the Assignment table and the Binding Field. These entries are correctly configured. After my modification, I have my fifth entry for the new Search Help Parameter DOC_TYPE but the assignment type is G. I'm don't know how I have to procede to get my entry as like the others.

=> 1 :: Add Search Help Parameter + Save + Activate

=> 2 :: Activate Structure /EBY/PDPO_SHDR_IF even if it already activated

=> 3 :: Running SE16N on DD36S will show our last Search Help Parameter DOC_TYPE without assignments.

How can I set parameter-field assignments for search helps in standard way ?

Thanks a lot for your help. I last more of 2 days on that subject.

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Kindly Regards,