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Standard SAP Tax Tables

Hi, I'm working in Tax Flow Project. Request some inputs to guide me to the right direction.

I need to find tax codes and if there's any changes made in the tax code (Manual Intervention) in the process from PO to Invoice steps. I have list of PO's extracted from EKPO with tax codes and Invoice Posting Entries from RSEG with tax code. I could see changes in the tax code while invoice posting.

Help Required:

1) While PO creation, from where the tax code is pulled (Tax Table). How to check the tax table

2) When i pulled the RSEG i could see tax codes are changed at the time of invoice posting.

Note: Invoices are either keyed in SAP or in difference system. However the SAP system is used for the analysis, all the transactions finally recorded in SAP system.

Please help me with process how to change the changes made from which table the taxes are pulled.

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3 Answers

  • Jan 08 at 03:12 AM


    During Invoice creation, most of the tax codes can be changed due to multiple reasons:

    1. Tax Rates have changed.

    2. PO and Invoices have been created in different years, resulting in difference of applicable tax rates

    3. Exemptions and lower tax rates allowed by Tax Authorities for a vendor or commodity

    There could be multiple reasons as well, besides above which neccessiate the tax code change. If however, if you think, your business would be an ideal case and the tax code from PO itself would suffice in Invoice, than you can put the tax code in display mode only using a screen variant using SHD0

    The tables which you have mentioned is where the tax code resides in PO and Invoice stage. The tax code itself is stored in T007* tables.


    Sanil Bhandari

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    • Hi Sunil,

      Thank you for the input. However i'm looking the tables or tcodes from where the taxes are pull at the time of PO creation and Invoice posting. I understand that the tax code can be changed at the time of invoice posting due to various reasons. However when a user changes and adds the tax code at the time of invoice posting. From where did (like Table or T-code) the taxes are pulled.

      Not sure whether i asked my question correctly.

  • Jan 08 at 10:50 AM

    Hi Ganesh Doranathula,

    As per inputs which has been shared above, Your asking during at the time of PO creation where taxes will be picked .

    Taxes will be picked based upon on the material number mapping with HSN code, with this HSN code and tax code it will be maintained condition records in FV13 transaction code.

    Check Condition records in A003 table, Relevant percentage of tax code it will be KONP table.

    Best Regards,

    Repakula Manoj

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    • Hi Manoj,

      Thank you for your input. Followed your steps and tried to access tcodes you shared. System throws me message that i'm not authorized. However i could access KONP condition table. Thank for your input.

      By the way could you help me with some additional input. Our SAP system interface with ARIBA, can you tell how to check the documents received through XML or RFC to SAP system. i.e list of documents received to SAP from different source system through XML / RFC like the one we check inbound idocs WE02.

  • Jan 09 at 09:20 AM

    Hi Ganesh,

    If your not authorized then contact any other team mate/basis person to provide authorization to view the desired results.

    Best Regards,

    Repakula Manoj

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