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Jan 07, 2019 at 03:56 PM

Workmodes not inherit in the technical monitoring metric



The alerts of some metrics are rated red even when I assigned a non-business work mode with a high threshold. (Fig. 1fig-1.png)

I have set up the technical monitoring for all my systems and assigned different work modes. The work modes are Business hours and non-business-hours. fig. 2fig-2.png

If I open the metric report (Fig. 3) and expand it to a larger time period I don’t see the different thresholds I had given in for this metric. Fig. 3fig-3.png and Fig 4.fig-4.png

So when I open the metric to change the threshold for a specific work mode the work mode is not available in the metric.

How could I assign the work modes to all the monitored metrics?

Why are the different metric values not taken over in the different work modes?


fig-1.png (89.1 kB)
fig-2.png (36.7 kB)
fig-3.png (72.6 kB)
fig-4.png (27.3 kB)