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Jan 07, 2019 at 01:58 PM

Application Server - DR site



We replicate the HANA database to the DR site using the HANA tools, please assist with the best process to create the SAP Application server and keep it in sync.

OS version: SUSE Linux 12 SP3

SAP version: ECC EHP8

Steps I tried, is I created the application server on the DR site with the same hostname as on PROD, then created the same users and groups as on PROD. I used RSYNC to copy the /home, /etc/services, /sapmnt and /usr/sap directories over. The DR application server starts up, I can login and the SAP Initial consistency check and SLICENSE transactions looks OK.

Question, is this a supported method?

I will schedule hourly RSYNC scripts for the file systems. In case of DR, I will fail over database, stop RSYNC scripts use hdbuserstore to point DR APP Server to DR database, request DNS to point hostname to DR ip address and start-up SAP.