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Apr 12, 2010 at 06:24 AM

Regarding SELECT query


Dear experts,

Is there a way for the following SELECT query to be improved?

The problem that I'm seeing here is that the same table (l_item_tab) is being queried twice in the SELECT query (due to the "table joins", a and b). How can I improve the data retrieval here? And I also can't change the SELECT query to be out of the loop - ledger is a select-option and multiple values are possible.

* Get Ledger
  SELECT * FROM t881 INTO TABLE lt_t881
    WHERE rldnr IN s_rldnr.

  LOOP AT lt_t881.
*   Get FI-SL user-defined item table based on ledger
    PERFORM get_sl_item_tab USING lt_t881-rldnr CHANGING l_item_tab. 
  " L_ITEM_TAB is populated here

*   Get SL line items
    FROM (l_item_tab) AS a
        rldnr         IN s_rldnr             " Ledger
    AND rbukrs        IN s_bukrs             " Company code
    AND ryyrkeg_wwsub IN s_wwsub             " Subsystem
    AND racct         IN s_racct             " Account no
    AND ryymac        IN s_yymac             " Management area
    AND rtcur         IN s_rtcur             " Trx currency
    AND docnr         IN s_docnr             " Doc. number
    AND docty         IN s_docty             " Doc. type
    AND docct         EQ c_docct_l           " Doc. category (L = Local)
    AND ryear         IN s_ryear             " Fiscal year
    AND budat         IN s_budat             " Posting date
    AND yystodt       IN s_stodt             " Reversal date
    AND yystgrd       IN s_stgrd             " Reversal reason
    AND yyintref      IN s_intref            " Interface ID

    AND NOT exists

      ( SELECT * FROM (l_item_tab) AS b
             b~rldnr    = a~rldnr     AND
             b~docnr    = a~docnr     AND
             b~rbukrs   = a~rbukrs    AND
       ( ( ( b~docct    = c_docct_y
          OR b~docct    = c_docct_x ) AND
             b~refryear = a~ryear )   OR
         ( ( b~docct    = c_docct_u
          OR b~docct    = c_docct_t ) AND
             b~ryear    = a~ryear ) )
      )     .


Edited by: Rob Burbank on Jun 23, 2010 12:33 PM