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Former Member
Apr 11, 2010 at 07:53 PM

Problem with calling function module in update task


Hello Friends,

I have a situation where I am calling a FM in update task say CALL FUNCTION 'ZABCD' IN UPDATE TASK.

Inside that FM I am inserting records to a custom table say 'ZAAA' from a internal table 'ZBBB'.

Situation is like , when I am executing my report this FM ZABCD is triggered and it will keep the record in ZAAA from ZBBB and wait for a commit.

But due to some other functionality I have to change the record again and now my internal table ZBBB has some other value and with this value ZAAA is updated and waits for commit.

But when the commit triggers it gives a dump since the update task FM does not recognizing which record has to be updated. But I want to update the latest record.

Even I cannot refresh my internal table ZBBB since it may have several records and I am interested to change only one record. I want a functionality such that after commit it should update the custom table with all the records and modify the old record with the new one which I have changed recently.

Please help me how to achieve this functionality.

Hope you understood the issue.