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Jan 06, 2019 at 08:17 PM

How to create a .hdbvirtualtableconfig file for remote source and schema name change


Hi Team,

I am working on the HANA XSA project. In our project I have a requirement to access the cross container data. My source and target containers are located in the different tenants. So I am using SDA remote source and virtual tables between 2 tenants to access the data between the containers. Our development space and production spaces are located in different tenants.

In development spaces I have used SDA remote source connection 'ABC' and schema 'TEST_SCHEMA_1' in the .hdbvirtualtable file to create the virtual table. This virtual table in development space is working fine. But now I am facing problem in production space where SDA remote source connection name is changed to 'XYZ' and schema name is changed to 'TEST_SCHEMA'. In .hdbvirtualtableconfig file how I can configure these 2 changes so that my virtual tables in production space will created with SDA remote source connection 'XYZ' and schema 'TEST_SCHEMA'. As I know we cannot edit or create virtual tables in production space and now the only way .hdbvirtualtableconfig file. But I am not able to find any document or help on how to create .hdbvirtualtableconfig file which will include remote source connection name and schema name change in production space.

Thanks in advance.