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Apr 11, 2010 at 06:55 AM

Payment Request


Dear All

In order to make partial payment in automatic payment run, we are using payment request. Now in this process there are some flaws like, when we create the payment request, in automatic payment program both payment request and original document comes although original document comes without exception and payment request comes with exception because system give message that original document is in the proposal. Here we block the original open item and pay the payment request line item. But still if someone not block the original line item and pay the payment request line item also system will not stop. So there are chances of more payment to vendor. Anyone knows the control for this. Further example we make a partial payment after blocking original line item and then when we again make a final payment, still there is a possibilitty that we can block the partial payment line item and origianl open item is paid as gross. System will not have any control on it. Can anyone suggest and check to crontrol additional payment.

Thanks and Best Regards

Farhan Qaiser