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Apr 10, 2010 at 06:36 PM

evSND on a modified time dimension



in our application we just need to define a time dimension with an only fake member.

I tried to define a member like this (I've based my considerations on this [message|;):

3000.Tot Totale 3000 TOT YEAR 10000002 T2 1 12

However, when I try to send the data, I get a "No data to send"...which is untrue, since I'm modifying the data...If I don't define where to find this fake date value, BPC tries with another date found in another object (failing, since there isn't any other member in that dimension), but AT LEAST says "there are X records to send".

Any idea? Should I make a "year.month" fake dimension member?

Edit, nevermind, found there was an error in another parameter of the evSND

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