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Jan 04, 2019 at 03:42 PM

Unable to archive Vendor master data for LFA1 and LFB1


Hi Experts,

Though this question has been answered so many times, still I have not been able to reach to a concrete solution.

I am trying to archive vendor master data. Using the archive object FI_ACCPAYB, I am able to archive the purchasing data [MM data]. But, when I try to archive the company code data [FI data] and general data, it is unsuccessful. It says 0% of vendor master data processed. The screenshot is attached herewith.

I created this vendor master for testing purpose and has no open purchasing document/balances/any other item.

It is marked for deletion in XK06, FK06, MK06, blocked in XK05, FK05. The sequence which I am following is MM Data--> FI data--> General data.

The connection settings/ configuration is fine as I am able to archive the purchase info records.

I request your advice on this.

Thanks in advance.


xubod.png (33.0 kB)