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Former Member
Apr 09, 2010 at 07:11 PM

BP Code structure, suggestion for consolidation based on code?


Dear experts,

We serve to international companies that have many subsidiarias around the world.

We want to set up a BP code structure friendly and logical for the users. But also that helps us to consolidate (if possible) for reporting purposes.

See below example for customer GM.

Subdiriary 1: C-GM-A1 Located in country A city 1

Subsidiary 2: C-GM-A2 Located in country A city 2

Subsidiary 3: C-GM-B1 Located in country B city 1

Subsidiary 4: C-GM-C1 Lo cated in country C city 1

Would it be possible to consolidate in the following codes???? if so, how???

C-GM- A (just for the country A)

C- GM- R (for the region which includes all countries)

Please note It would only be consolidation in terms of reporting not payment neither delivery.

Looking forward to you reply,

Kind regards