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Apr 09, 2010 at 01:26 PM

Forecast Consumption in SNP for shipped qty's


Hello experts,

I got a question for forecast consumption in SNP and whether forecast stays "consumed" or not after a customer orders gets shipped (Post Goods Issue).

My example is: I have a weekly bucket forecast qty of 100 in DP and release this to SNP. Now in SNP planning book I have 30 units of open Customer Demand against it ... means I have 70 in Forecast line (30 units got consumed correctly). Once I create a shipment for the open Customer Order of 30 units in R3 the situations remains the same .. but if I post the Goods Issue now on the delivery document the Customer Demand disappears (which is correct) but my Forecast line increases again from 70 to 100. I thought forecast consumption in APO would "remember" the already shipped quantities ? I know that you can reorganize open forecast but want I'm looking for is the standard R3 behaviour of keeping already shipped qty's as consumed. Can anybody help here or explain ?



Using SCM5.0