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Jan 03, 2019 at 08:36 PM

Move -in and move out through ECC/ ISU code



We have a requirement wherein we have to move out a customer from a premise and move-in another customer on the same premise through code. I am using FM BAPI_ISUMOVEOUT_CREATEFROMDATA to perform move out and BAPI_ISUMOVEIN_CREATEFROMDATA to create move-ins. Problem arises when the premise has an owner allocation on it (which means an automatic land lord move-in is triggered after move-out). When I proceed to perform move-in of new customer on same premise through FM , I get an error saying installation was occupied by landlord already.

my Question : is there a way to stop landlord from moving in while performing move-out of tenant through

BAPI_ISUMOVEOUT_CREATEFROMDATA ? Looks like these FMs do not take care of 'force-out' scenarios and we explicitly have to move-out someone before moving in a new customer on it (i.e. force out does not happen automatically)..

Please note I cannot change/remove owner allocation on the premise.